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There still seems to be an issue with the automatic Email Verification for new members. Part of me wants to fix it while the other is hesitant until some volunteers step forward to provide some guidance as to the direction Lesbian Lexicon will take, as the Best place for Lesbians to mingle and meet other Lesbians. For now, all membership applications will be completely manually filtered and enabled (or rejected as the case may be) I may be busy, but I will not let Leslie's dream turn into a spam haven. In the interim, please be patient your profiles will be reviewed ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience. If anyone would like to volunteer to maintain the outward part of the site (You don't need to worry about the technical crap) please let me know.

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Any Pictures in the Ad below are NOT of members of Lesbian Lexicon. This ad helps keep the BEST LESBIAN WEBSITE FREE :)

Free Lesbian Social Site

Welcome to Lesbian Lexicon. A Lesbian ONLY dating and Lesbian ONLY social networking site dedicated to Women who love.... Yes, Lesbians :)

Membership to The Best Lesbian Website is free and suggestions / Comments are always welcome. If you have some free time and would like to Volunteer help make The Best Lesbian Online Community even better, feel free to contact the Leslie via the Lesbian Lexicon Contact page. Together we can keep the poser guys out... You know they will try to get in. Yell




Lets get things Spiced Up. Check out the Lesbian Speak Space and have your say, tell a joke, a story or simply introduce yourself. After all, the only way to make new friends is to say Hi. Honest, we won't bite... unless you want us to :)

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Spread the word. is the BEST LESBIAN DATING AND LESBIAN SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE. Lesbian Lexicon is new place for Lesbians the world over to meet and chat about life, love and lust. FULL ACCESS membership to Lesbian Lexicon is free and open to Women who love Women. NO MEN, NO WOMEN SEEKING TO SURPRISE THEIR HUSBAND WITH A 3-Some. JUST LESBIANS AND ONLY LESBIANS CAN JOIN The BEST LESBIAN WEBSITE

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ATTENTION LESBIAN LEXICON HAS MOVED. If you joined between July 21st and July 25th, you will need to join again. Sorry for any inconvenience, this move was necessary due to restrictions and issues with the previous we hosting company.

Any Pictures in the Ad below are NOT of members of Lesbian Lexicon. This ad helps keep the BEST LESBIAN WEBSITE FREE :)



Volunteer Moderators and community leaders needed - Without Volunteers, Lesbian Lexicon WILL DIE Cry


Join the fun and help Lesbian Lexicon grow. As many of you may know, I (Leslie) started Lesbian Lexicon because I had a dream of connecting the world of Lesbians in one harmonious online community. Not just a lesbian dating website but more of a community for all lesbians from all walks of life, social circles, single or in a loving relationship. Sometimes this becomes very difficult to do on my own. Yes, I do have the help of a web developer friend of mine, but there is alot more work to running a Lesbian Only online community of the magnitude of Lesbian Lexicon. So I would like to personally invite every member of this beautiful community of Lesbians to not only join in on the fun, but to help create even more fun and be part of history by joining the team of Community organizers, greeters, moderators, promoters, lesbian news / event bloggers, Lesbian community outreach and more. Just drop me a quick note explaining how you would like to help. I'd love to hear from you. :)

Getting Noticed in a Sea of Lesbians

As those members who have been with the Best Lesbian Online Community since our early days (In January 2011 :) ) can attest, the membership within Lesbian Lexicon has grown by leaps and bounds.

Since starting The Best Lesbian ONLY website in the world, I have spoke with alot of new Lesbian Lexicon members and looked at pretty much everyone's profile (That is how I keep the Scammers and Spammers out.) Lots of you are taking advantage of the photo gallery to post your pictures, and that is great :) This helps everyone know who you are... At least on the outside.

If you want everyone to know who you really are, the Lesbian Lexicon profile fields are a great place to start. If you really want to stand out in a crowd of Lesbians, start a conversation in the Lesbian Speak Out section of the Best Lesbian website. Check it out, you can see a few members talking away, and we have really started to know one another.

Tell the rest of the members about yourself and what you like. Tell a joke, share a recipe, vent about the asshole who cut you off in traffic today, write a short story... or simply say "Hi, my name is.... and I live in...and Yes I am a Lesbian :)" of course a few other details might make the post a little more eye catching, but you catch my drift. :)

Lesbian Lexicon is a community, and as such relies 100% on the members. This is something the other online social networking sites (Lesbian or otherwise) will not admit. Also, unlike the other sites, the direction Lesbian Lexicon takes is completely up to you. Yes, full membership to the Best Lesbian Only Online Community will ALWAYS BE 100% FREE. So check out the Lesbian Lexicon features, meet other Lesbians from your area and around the world, and by all means, if you have any suggestions or would like to help out in managing Lesbian Lexicon, drop me a quick note.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


POINTS... So what's the Point :P

As you may have noticed, The Best Lesbian Website has gotten even better. Lesbian Lexicon has recently added a points module. This is one of the upgrades which the ad revenue contributed to.

So what do Points get me, Lesbian Lexicon is a Free Lesbian Website right?

Well yes, membership to the best Lesbian Social Networking and Lesbian Dating website is 100% free, and while the points do not buy you any special perks, as of yet, we are working towards certain rewards for high point earners. Perhaps a free Lesbian Lexicon T-shirt, maybe a CD from one of the member Lesbian Musicians...the possibilities are endless.

Fine and Dandy, How do I earn Lesbian Lexicon Points?

Points are automatically awarded based on your participation in the Best Lesbian Website. Here are some simple ways you can earn Lesbian Lexicon points.

  • Log in daily
  • Post blogs
  • Post a comment on someone elses blog
  • Create an Event
  • Make Friends

The list goes on, simply start enjoying the features of the Best Lesbian Connection website has to offer and the Lesbian Lexicon points will begin to pile up. Before you know it, we will have some cool Lexicon Gear that will make you the talk of the town... in a good way of course :) OK, maybe it won't make you the talk of the town but at least you will get some free stuff :)

So get out there and start chatting it up with other Lesbians and not only will you help make Lesbian Lexicon a fun and hip place to be, you will also be earning valuable Lesbian Lexicon points. After all, without you, Lesbian Lexicon is just a URL. Members like YOU make it the BEST ONLINE LESBIAN COMMUNITY. So come on out and have some fun.

Lesbian Lexicon is a Members Only Site


At Lesbian Lexicon, member privacy is very important. For that reason, only registered Lesbian Lexicon members are able to see the profiles of other members.

If you have registered, you may be seeing this message because you have not verified your Email Address. This is done by simply clicking on the verification link in the System Generated Verification Email. SOMETIMES THIS MESSAGE IS IN THE SPAM FOLDER. If you have not received the Verification Email within 15 minutes, please contact Leslie via the Contact page.


Lesbian Lexicon is not like every other Lesbian Website.

While other Lesbian Dating and Lesbian Social Networking websites would use this section to profile all the beautiful "Lesbian" members they claim to have, at Lesbian Lexicon, we choose to use this space to tell you a little bit about Lesbian Lexicon as a community.


Membership to Lesbian Lexicon is 100% free Seriously, (not to pick on the other Lesbian Chat sites) this is not a bait and switch technique, like those other Lesbian Dating and Social Networking sites which claim to be free but are simply not. This is not a trial membership, nor is it a limited feature membership. This is a all out 100 PERCENT FULL ACCESS NO LIMITS membership to the best Lesbian ONLY Social Networking and Dating Website in the world. At Lesbian Lexicon ALL MEMBERS can enjoy ALL the features Lesbian Lexicon currently has and all the features we will have without EVER paying a penny for it. EVER :)


Lesbian Lexicon is a not for profit Lesbian Social Networking, Lesbian Dating, Lesbian Chat, Lesbian Hook-up, Lesbian Meet-up and Lesbian Blogging community designed to bring the worldwide Lesbian Community closer together.


As a not for profit part of Lesbian Lexicon, excess ad sponsor revenue is funnelled back into the Lesbian Lexicon community to add features to make the best 100% Free Lesbian Social Networking and Lesbian Dating site even better. So keep an eye out for some exciting new add-ons to the Lesbian Lexicon website as our online Lesbian Family continues to grow.


Just so you know, we will never sell the information of our members to ANYONE. This is a Lesbian Only community website and as such it is governed by the members themselves. So if you want to be part of this growing close knit community of Lesbians just like you, feel free to

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Lesbian community groups, Lesbian artists and Lesbian performers are invited to promote themselves for free on Lesbian Lexicon.

Start chatting with other Awesome Lesbian Ladies just like you today.

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Lesbian Lexicon is the best place for women who love women to meet and mingle.